Monday, December 14, 2009

Mark Driscoll- Confessions of a Reformission Rev- Book Review and Thoughts

As always, Mark hits a home run with an insightful look into the history of Mars Hill church and his experience as a church planter.  I really recommend this book to anyone interested in planting a church as a great look at lessons learned (I really prefer to learn from other's mistakes rather than make them myself!).  I thought I'd include some adapted thoughts below:

On the problems of many of the contemporary churches- Pg. 24 The contemporary church generally proclaims a gospel of fulfillment (Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs establishes each individual as their own god, on their own mission, pursuing their own glory). In other words, I don’t exist for God, he exists for me.   In this gospel, the cross is an echo of my own great worth, since God found me so loveable and so valuable that he was willing to die for me so that I could love myself, believe in myself, and achieve my full glory. This “therapeutic gospel” is a false gospel because it does not call me to love God and my neighbor, but instead to love only myself.  It doesn’t call me to God’s mission but rather calls God to my mission.  Third, it does not call me to be part of the church to serve God’s mission, but instead to use the church to make me a better person.  It takes pride and repackages it as self-esteem. 

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