Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Quote of the day

Emotions are designed to be indicators of life, not fabricators of life-  Ravi Zacharias


Friday, November 18, 2016

2016 missions update

In case people are interested, our vision at CCSP is for our members to gain exposure to missions and then equip the saints for the work of the ministry Eph. 4:12. 
The average sending church doesn’t often do a great job of equipping our servants for international ministry.  Our goal is to fill those ministry tool boxes with all kinds of tools to help ensure ministry success.  

We also believe that in the local church, missions is biblically the center spot of each ministry.  It’s not a slice of the church ministry pie (with each ministry being a slice: Men’s ministry, youth, women, etc and missions simply being another slice).  What this means is that missions is at the heart of each ministry, For example, take a more obscure outreach ministry like Family Martial Arts or the Good Fight Club. What do they have to do with missions?   The goal is fellowship and training but we also design a devotional and missional element to what we do since that should be the heart of the church.  So if you are part of that ministry, you will be in the word of God and occasionally helping out with local outreaches, in addition to inviting others to the ministry and church!


Here are some 2016 update stats

*These figures include ALL of 2016, including November-December plans.

We currently support 44 families globally in full time work.  All but 3 have come from our fellowship.  The average US church has 1 missionary support for 2000 members.  We demolish that statistic at CCSP. 

2016 Short Term Mission Trips:  8 with 79 trip participants. Typically we have more, but we had smaller teams than usual this year. 


We had the privilege of sending 3 new long-term workers globally in 2016 and there are 3 more families preparing to leave in the next 12-13 months (Romania and Papua New Guinea)

We have several mobile homes in the Gator Lake overflow parking area that we use for missionaries in town (it is a huge burden removed when we provide the basics for our international partners).  In 2016 we had 2,369 “person days” (number of people times number of days) occupying our homes! That is a lot of free blessings! In addition, we have a van for families to use while in town and in 2016, that van only sat idle for a total of 38 days including maintenance days!


In 2017 we have one more mobile home coming online.  This will be used by interns coming to serve the church for 20 hours a week with Potter’s Field Ministries.  These students will work in the food truck and the remaining time will be involved in the church, volunteering a minimum of 20 hours a week.


Lastly, we raised close to $75,000 for a Tibetan Bible translation!  What a blessing!  What a fantastic year in missions!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Boat and motor for ministry

Here is the motor that we purchased for the Amazon Reach ministry in Brazil. Joe Novelo was a member of CCSP for years back when we were in the warehouse.