Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Mission Van!

Thanks to the generosity of the board, we now have a new mission van for the use of our missionaries back in town! Really a great way how we got it. The Parsley's offered to go to the auction to pick one up for us, and after getting the low down, they began to watch. Much to our chagrin, the only vans being offered within our parameters were 2,000 dollars higher than my budget. Except for one van that we picked out the night before. Nothing different about it, just less miles! And during lunch, only one bid went down and we got it for a whole lot less than anything else! God was helping us out on that one! Thanks Tom and Ed!

I am also blessed to say that we have since donated the old 1999 Plymouth Voyager to the Haven of Rest mission. Just turned out that they had a need for a van! Lori Ogle is in town on furlough and as a result, is the first to take advantage of the use of the van. Oh, something to keep in mind, The Pudovs will be in town mid October and at the end of October, the Staffords from Colombia are going to be around for a short break!