Thursday, June 12, 2014

Voice Of martyrs- North Korea

Voice of Martyrs (VOM) is issuing a signed letter to the N. Korean government through the UN in New York city.  They hope to have 1 million signatures.  N. Korea is torturing and imprisoning over 30 thousand Christians.  On Janet Partial VOM said that these brothers and sisters get sentenced up to 15 years in a concentration camp for becoming a Christian.  they only really last 5 years and once they get sentenced they know it is a death sentence.  They are tortured daily and have submitted to eating rats, snakes ,grass and anything they can get their hands on to get something into their stomach.  When they escape with the help of Christians and other agencies and somehow make it out of N. Korea, their testimony is that they are honored that Jesus trusted them to suffer for their faith. 


VOM is asking that we would not only sign the letter but COMMIT TO PRAY for the country of N. Korea and these brothers and sisters and the salvation of Kim Jong Un and that God would move in this country and do something radical.   Please go to


And read the letter and sign.  Its very easy to do.  Not many steps.  Then pray and pass it on!!!!