Thursday, April 30, 2009

Key Chain Prayer Rings


 Ephesians 6:18
 Praying always with all prayer and supplication for all the saints.

If you have a heart and desire to be dedicated to prayer for our missionaries, please pick up a FREE Key Chain Prayer Ring. Each ring has cards with pictures of our supported missionaries and their prayer requests. If you are willing to commit to regular prayer for our missionaries, it is our gift to you.   Pick one up at the bookstore today! If you arent committed to praying for them, take one and leave your wallet (wed prefer the prayer, but well take cash too)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Andy Falleur's blog

I just finished reading Andy Falleur’s blog (Andy left the St. Pete area to plant a CC in Ottawa, Canada).  Anyway, I am going to quote Andy Falleur, quoting Bob Coy! What if everyone in the church worshipped like you, served like you, prayed like you, gave like you, witnessed like you and lived for Jesus during the week like you? What kind of church would this be?


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Same Kinda Different As Me

I just finished reading a fantastic book.  I was up until 2 am for the last 3 nights as I tried to finish the book.  I couldn’t put it down.  The funny thing was that I was 1/3 of the way through the book before I realized it was a true story. Not based on a true story, but true!  I was reading it because a friend lent it to me and then kept asking me if I read it. I finally acquiesced and started it. That was my first mistake because I ceased all extra curricular activities.  The book chronicles the background of 3 people:  A wealthy art dealer and his wife in Texas and a poor black homeless man from a sharecropping family in Louisiana. The book weaves a heart wrenching and challenging tale of two unlikely sources of friendship and how they impacted each other in radically different ways.  Check out the webpage for more information .  As a guy’s guy, I secretly had to hold back the tears in a few chapters but I can easily say that it ranks as one of the top books I’ve read in the last year.  Our CC bookstore will be ordering it soon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

JAARS- Missions Aviation

The first time I flew on a missions aviation aircraft was in 1995 when a group of us flew in Papua New Guinea into our remote villages where we’d spend part of our summer serving Wycliffe Bible translators.  We flew a Cessna 210 into a small Bimin village airstrip, built by hand, at 5500 ft above sea level.  The pilot literally had to land on a considerably upward slope cut into the mountains.  Landing was a challenge, but taking off was a piece of cake.  I was welcomed by a village of former headhunters who loved to touch and poke my hair and skin.  I felt like a combination of a rock star and zoo animal.  The next opportunity was years later as I flew with MAF into the Ecuador jungle town of Shell in the Amazon basin. This location was the base of famed missionary pilot and martyr, Nate Saint.  Missions aviation is essentially the same since those days except for the use of GPS equipment.  JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Service serving Wycliffe) will be presenting Missions at the Airport May 2nd and 3rd at Albert Whitted from 9-5:30 on Saturday and 1-5:30 on Sunday.  Albert Whitted is located at 107 8th ave South in St. Pete.  Airplane rides are a fantastically priced $20 and the helicopter rides are $25.  Coming from a pilot, this is a fantastic price! I belong to the Albert Whitted flight club and a 4 seater Cessna 172 rents out at $140 per hour.  For more info on missions aviation, click here:  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Missions opportunities

We have two great opportunities coming up for Calvary Corps (2 weeks to one year opportunities).  1. Come to the Tilapia Fish Farm class this Monday night in room C11 at 7pm and learn more about the 6-8 week opportunities in Indonesia.  2. Give me a call at the office to learn more about teaching English for 6 months (or more) in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Fantastic place! 

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I just heard from Gospel For Asia.  Their staff photographer recently got back from a trip to India. When he was there, he talked to one missionary who graduated from a GFA Bible School nine years ago and has already planted 6 churches.  Out of those 6 churches, 45 more missionaries have been sent out to reach the lost.  And through these missionaries, 25 more churches have been planted.  So that's a total of 31 churches that have been planted as a result of one missionary being sent out to reach the lost.  What a fantastic ministry.


On that note, KP Yohannan from GFA will be speaking in May for our weekend service on the 16th and 17th

Buckle up! It will be a crazy ride!