Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Same Kinda Different As Me

I just finished reading a fantastic book.  I was up until 2 am for the last 3 nights as I tried to finish the book.  I couldn’t put it down.  The funny thing was that I was 1/3 of the way through the book before I realized it was a true story. Not based on a true story, but true!  I was reading it because a friend lent it to me and then kept asking me if I read it. I finally acquiesced and started it. That was my first mistake because I ceased all extra curricular activities.  The book chronicles the background of 3 people:  A wealthy art dealer and his wife in Texas and a poor black homeless man from a sharecropping family in Louisiana. The book weaves a heart wrenching and challenging tale of two unlikely sources of friendship and how they impacted each other in radically different ways.  Check out the webpage for more information .  As a guy’s guy, I secretly had to hold back the tears in a few chapters but I can easily say that it ranks as one of the top books I’ve read in the last year.  Our CC bookstore will be ordering it soon!


andy said...

Hey Art,
I heartily agree with you! My dad turned me on to it a couple of months ago, and it's spread up here too.
It's my answer book to the Shack! It's a better description of God and what He can do!
I'm glad your friend bugged you about it!


mad4missions said...

Nice, well, if it were closer to Christmas, guess what you'd be getting! :)