Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sail the Caribbean!

From Tom and Lisa of YWAM Marine Outreach:


We are in  urgent need of deck hands for traveling to Trinidad from Grenada and

back.   Our good friends, Steve and Leslie Harris, flew down and met us at St. Lucia

on July 5th and have helped us sail to Carriacou.  They leave on Tuesday the 19th.

Steve asked us if he could communicate our need to you.  Here are his thoughts:


First, I want you to know that I asked Tom and Lisa for space in this SAILMAIL; they didn't

approach me. Les and I have sailed with them on several other occasions as well as the last 9 days. 

I won't deny the unparalled beauty of the Caribbean sea and islands. Neither will I downplay the

hard work it involves for Tom and Lisa in pursuing their vision of ministry.  Sailing sounds exotic,

but too frequently is excruciating. Especially for just the two of them handling all the responsibilities. 

I'm asking you, even if you have no sailing experience, to consider a week sometime from immediately

to the next 8 weeks out, to come down and help them sail.  If you can't, but know of someone who

might be interested, please get them in touch with the Kaisers.  NOW is the critical time for added

hands on deck. God has provided so far; I don't believe it to be His nature to now leave them 

stranded. But God will use people like you and me, so please give this serious consideration. 

Thank you for your encouragement and support of them thus far. 


If interested send us an email at kaiser_tomlisa@yahoo.com

Friday, July 15, 2011

Somalia faces drought 'catastrophe' - 7/15/11




"We are no longer talking about a humanitarian crisis or a humanitarian emergency," said Jens Oppermann, the country director of Action Against Hunger (Action Contre La Faim, ACF).


"We are seeing this as a humanitarian catastrophe," he told AFP.


Thousands of Somalis have fled in recent months to neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya in search of food and water, with many dying along the way, as the region suffers what the UN has described as the worst drought in decades.


Many too have risked conflict by fleeing into Somalia's capital Mogadishu in a desperate search for aid.


Food prices in Somalia have soared by 270 percent in a year, he said.


"We see people coming into Mogadishu in a state that we have not seen in this form before," Oppermann added, describing "unimaginable suffering beyond the scale of what is acceptable."


"We are not able to provide enough assistance to everyone," he said.


ACF has been working in Somalia since 1992.


Meanwhile Doctors without Borders (MSF) said they were boosting efforts to support refugees fleeing across the border into Kenya after assessments found "alarmingly high rates of malnutrition."


"I expected to find a difficult situation but not a catastrophic one," said Anita Sackl, who coordinates nutritional assessments for MSF.


"The majority of new arrivals actually fled because they had nothing to eat, not just because their country has been at war for decades," she added.


Refugees are waiting for 40 days before being registered, receiving only two days of rations for that period, MSF said in a statement.


In Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp, 37.7 percent of children under five checked by MSF teams were suffering from acute malnutrition, with 17.5 per cent of those facing a "high risk of death."



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Franklin and Larson Update

Ray and Jim returned from Uganda on July 8th and the trip was great. They learned alot about how the ICM Training Center operates and hopes to put that knowledge to use in helping to open a training center in Tanzania (Lord willing).
We are out of power 12 hours a day now (sometimes up to 16 hours) and it may get worse. There is a drought and since the electricity is hydro-power we don't get electricity when there is no water. Please have everyone pray for rain. We need rain for the crops, the animals, and the power. Many are suffering right now and it will only get worse unless the Lord intervenes for these people.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Need one male missionary for 3-day trip

Need One Very Short Term Missionary

CRC is looking for a short term missionary to help complete SignTruck Trip #2 when it returns from Palmyra, NY to Clearwater, FL. The Mormon Church has added New York City to their TV commercial test market so we will drive through and around NYC for a full day on the way to Florida, the message "WhatMormonsDontTell.com" driving people to the web site to get information about how Mormonism compares to the Bible.

This missionary will either fly up from Florida or fly home to NY afterwards, depending on where he lives. The trip will begin on or about Sunday, July 17 and end on or about Tuesday, July 19.

So far, the trip has been very exciting and productive. This mobile billboard really sends people to the web site. It has also provided numerous interesting witnessing encounters along the way.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in a fun, easy, and fruitful mission trip, call me ASAP so that we can get started with last minute plans. We'd prefer someone who can afford his own travel expenses but, if you want to go and don't have the funds, there may be some help. Call me in any case and we'll see what we can do.

Tom Jones

Christian Research & Counsel

3500 12th Ave N

St Petersburg FL 33713

727-667-4112 (Cell)

"Belief without proof is faith. Belief in spite of proof is folly."