Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just read an article (Our Adolescent Culture) that discusses today's culture that has lost vision and challenge and is but "entertained" in their teen years.  The article says:  "Adolescence didn't always exist". It is a recent phenomenon.  "The word teenager wasn't really used until 1941. In virtually every culture in the history of the world, kids became adults.  In other cultures, "teenagers" were marrying, farming fighting wars, writing books, and in one case, bearing the Messiah."  What we need to do is challenge them, provide the vision for them to take on the real problems in our neighborhoods and world and thus make the church of God attractive to a world turned inward.  Case in point, John Quincy Adams, 6th president, was only 14 when he traveled to Russia as a secretary to obtain recognition of the new United States. 

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