Friday, January 16, 2009

Intervarsity- Stacy Gaskins update

I had the privilege of meeting with Stacy Gaskins, the regional director for Intervarsity the other day and I was so encouraged to hear how the staff and students of IV were stepping out in faith and reaching their campuses.  At USF Tampa this past semester, in two days of campaigning to invite students to their Bible Studies, over 300 students signed up to attend an IV Bible study.  Simply because someone asked! 


From 2005-2008, 106 small groups started and 562 students were discipled

163 Student Leaders were trained and 170 students went on a domestic or international mission trip.

1540 were impacted by the gospel and 43 solid responses of faith were made!


Why Intervarsity, you might ask?  Well, simply because the 16.5 million university students in the USA are the ones who will largely shape the world.  We need to be reaching this group.  Secondly, only 20% of high school students who grow up in the churches will still actively be involved with Christianity at the age of 30!  But, if we are influencing them with the gospel message, we can change those stats! 


Please pray for IV Tampa Bay as they broaden their vision to triple their staff, disciple 500+ students a year and start 65+ on-campus small group Bible studies by 2011. 


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