Friday, October 10, 2008

Middle East Part 2

One of the things I had the privilege to do was to visit with many incredible men and women of God who are serving and pouring out their lives as a drink offering in the Middle East.  For me it was incredible to see the sacrifice and the commitment that they were making in order to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We had the opportunity to attend some missions training classes at a base in Amman Jordan.  Where young people were being raised up with a passion for reaching Muslims.  It was exciting to hear from their perspective what God was doing in this part of the world.  Each one of them had a sense of expectation that God was doing something and was moving in the midst of some very hard soil.  We also had the opportunity to meet up with some fellow believers returning from a conference in northern Iraq.  It was amazing to hear what God was doing in the Christian church throughout Iraq. It could only be described as nothing short of revival.  God is definitely on the move in that country.  Please pray for Iraq and

From there we traveled to Egypt to continue meeting with the brothers in that ancient land.  Even though our time was very short we were able to establish significant relationships within the Christian church in Egypt. I will never forget one dear old saint, playing the accordion with the biggest smile on his face, his toothless grin spilling out the joy of the Lord as the "I love Jesus" sticker on the accordion baffles expanded and contracted in time with the music.  The praise and worship in that extremely poor church was unbelievable.  I could definitely sense the Holy Spirit move in that church even though the music was completely different and the words were beyond my comprehension.  It truly was praise and worship.

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