Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Our missions discipleship class for future missionaries was fantastic last night.  The Knauber's, a missionary family from Papua New Guinea, were our guest speakers last night and they spoke on Cross Cultural conflict.  Being German, working with a multi cultural ministry (Wycliffe) in Papua, they had a million hilarious stories to illustrate the point of the class.  Several highlights for the class for me were: 1. Our culture isn't always right (or wrong) 2. Everything needs to be seasoned with grace and DO NOT jump to conclusions and lastly, 3. Do not insist on your rights.  As believers, we have no rights, just responsibilities and just like Paul, we become all things to all people! They will be speaking next month to our class on Spiritual Warfare (being products of a missions environment that worshipped their ancestors).  On the 28th, pastor Larry Gray will be speaking on "the Things I learned in 25 years of cross cultural ministry!". 

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