Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Joni and Friends Daily Devotional   February 26, 2014


Considering Others

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds."        Hebrews 10:24


The ugly old woman sat slumped in her wheelchair, her dirty terrycloth robe twisted underneath her. Her hair was mussed, her teeth missing. Most of the group visiting the nursing home made a right-hand turn down the hallways in order to avoid the woman. But my friends, Bev and Carolyn, made straight for her.


As Bev approached, she expected the crotchety-looking woman to snarl a nasty remark. Instead, the old lady smiled and said, "My, my, look at you two in those bright and lovely sweaters. And aren't you sweet to come here and visit us. Thank you!"


Bev told me later that the woman made her feel so at ease, so appreciated, so... beautiful. Here they had visited the nursing home to cheer up others! That nursing home resident had developed the art of Hebrews 10:24. She may have only been able to offer her smile and short greeting but, oh, the difference it made not only in the lives of others but in the way people perceived her.



Considering others is not the art of doing something extraordinary. It's the art of doing a common thing extraordinarily well. The most trivial action, the slightest smile, the briefest greeting may be considered a service not only to others but to God. The least thing -- the shutting of a door gently, the walking softly, speaking quietly-all can be a part of the art of considering others.


Lord Jesus, You refined the art of considering others when You walked the earth. Help me to model you today. Help me to lighten someone's burden, or look for a way to lessen someone's cares. Help me to find someone whose little pleasures I can help promote, whose wants and wishes I can gratify. May Hebrews 10:24 be my guide.




Joni and Friends


Taken from Diamonds in the Dust.  Copyright © 1993 by Joni Eareckson Tada. 




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