Friday, July 6, 2012

Amazing truths on Grace from Steve McVey

Trying to overcome sin by focusing on it has the exact opposite effect of what we want in our lives. If we fixate on what we do wrong and try to figure out how to conquer the bad behavior, we will always come up with some sort of plan that involves our own willpower and determination.  We are setting ourselves up to fail no matter how sincere we are and no matter how much we ask for God's help as it is an unbiblical approach and is a human method.  Any approach we take in overcoming our own sins through self discipline is legalistic because it stirs up within us the false hope that there is something we can do to defeat it.  We don't have to conquer sin because Jesus already has.  We try to do what he's already done, we are then denying the sufficiency of His grace and are attempting to utilize a legalistic method to do it ourselves and it dooms us to failure.  The only way to enjoy victory over sin is to rest in the victory that is already ours because of Christ's finished work. He defeated sin. Transformation comes to our lifestyle when we simply believe that reality and stop trying to do something he has already done.  We rest in his victory and (GET THIS PART!) DIRECT OUR ATTENTION TO HIM.  When we do that, the sins that have wielded power over us fall aside into impotency. 

Jesus fully dealt with the matter of our sins so that we don't have to focus on them anymore.  Then He sat down by the right hand of God, not because He was tired, but because there is nothing left to do regarding the matter of our sins.  The lie that we need to focus on overcoming our sins is so dangerous because it takes our eyes off of Jesus and puts them on our sins and an imaginary ability we think we have to solve the matter ourselves.  Don't ever think that sin is so weak that it can be overcome by religious self discipline.  Only one person can effectively deal with yours sins and He did—perfectly and completely.  If you fall down, He will pick you up, dust you off, and set you back on your course again.  With assurance of that reality, you never have to focus on sins again.  Just focus on Him, and as you do, you'll be amazed at the way sinful inclination and temptations lose their power over you.  Like the hymn: Turn your eyes to Jesus, look full on his wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace. 




Kevin Arthur - Ministry Musings said...

I asked my college professor what I could do to increase my godly character and he said, "nothing, your character was formed by the time you were 4 or 5. You may have ebbs and flows but you will always resort back to the character you developed as a child". I walked away mad at God and said to Him that it wasn't fair. Why was it when I had a desire to change, that it was too late? The truth was revealed to me as I read Steve's book Grace Walk. God makes me a new creature and He does it from the inside out. He started this work and He will finish it. I don't need to focus on my sin, I need to focus on Him and let Him transform me. Thank God, it's not my work, but His.

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