Thursday, May 10, 2012


World Prayer Assembly
What impact could tens of millions of Christians from across the planet and united in prayer, have on the course of history?

Momentum is growing for the World Prayer Assembly (WPA) gathering that is being co-hosted by the Indonesian and Korean Prayer movements, two of the most powerful prayer forces in the world. On May 17, 2012, 100,000 believers will be gathering to pray in the national stadium of Jakarta. It is estimated that another five million Christians, from 400 cities throughout the nation, could also be participating. Global Day of Prayer will be broadcasting the event globally through satellite TV to tens of millions more believers. The result of this venture will mark the WPA as an unparalleled day of united prayer around the world

We expect at least 5 million believers in Indonesia on that day will pray together.

Indonesia already stands as a powerful nation in prayer. They currently have fifty-two "prayer towers"that are continually manned by intercessors praying 24-7-365. There are almost 1100 "prayer bases"where believers and leaders meet weekly to pray together. However, they are increasing the effort before WPA with a further 2000 believers gathering weekly in Jakarta until May 17th.

Prayer Points:

· That the people the Lord is calling from every nation will be able to come to WPA.

· That hundreds of children and youth from all 12 world regions would be able to take part.

· That the WPA would be abundantly financially supplied for every individual need.

· Unity between the leaders of the co-hosting countries, Indonesia and Korea.

· Humility, joy, unity, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit during the planning process.

· Continued favor of the political authorities and the people of Indonesia.

· Protection over the people and WPA venues and a creative solution for Jakarta's legendary traffic problem.

· A great wave of the spirit of revival and transformation to be released during the WPA to flow through Indonesia and all the Nations of the Earth.


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