Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morocco- Sent from a friend

Christian missionaries from around the globe run an orphanage in Morocco. Instead of adopting these children and bringing them to their home countries (ranging from Holland, New Zealand, and America), these couples go to Morocco to raise Moroccan children as part of their own families until they are fully grown. These children are their children, and have gone through all the legal paperwork in Morocco to be their caretakers for life, though they cannot legally adopt them as foreigners. They all live together and are called the Village of Hope. The Navigators in New England has had a friendly relationship with this orphanage.

Yesterday, Monday March 8th, the Moroccan police came to their home and insisted that all foreigners leave. This means that the parents of these children are being forced to leave the country and leave their children behind. This is apparently not surprising with some recent changes in Moroccan politics that has ushered in a dramatic increase in hostility toward foreigners, and especially Christians. And behind all of the politics, 33 children are being left parentless, for the 2nd time in their life. After being welcomed into an adoptive family, can you imagine watching your parents being forced into police vans not knowing if you'll ever see them again?

    • What can we do?
    1. Pray right now for these parents and their children. Pray against feelings of abandonment these children might be experiencing, and please pray that the parents would be allowed to return to their home. Pray for the hearts of officials in Morocco to soften to the harm they are causing.
    2. Village of Hope has asked to publicize their case, hoping that media and grassroots attention will help them reunite with their children. Please do so through whatever means you have. Here is their website with the official press release:

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